Nardwuar talks to Earl Sweatshirt and some dyke looking chick

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Lord Jamar takes Issue with Kanye (Again!)

Lord Jamar from the legendary group Brand Nubian wants to know what the fuck is on Kanye’s mind with this confederate flag shit.

He also wants to fight Yelawolf but that’s a different story

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Well I woke up this morning and went straight into it lol
This post is a must read

In Search of Black Assassins


The Nazi Lebensborn and the Ahnenerbe (Occult Bureau) were some of the most secret, terrifying and diabolical programs ever developed by a State. After the Fall of Nazi Germany, these programs were deliberately shrouded by U.S. and British Intelligence in a cloak of silence as if they never had existed.

During the 20th Century, the Nazis paraded around dressed in black uniforms emblazed with “Skull and Bones” waving large black and red swastikas ranting a 1000 Year Reich of Global Dominance and Aryan Supremacy. It was a State whose national policy was based on global racial mass murder. It was a nation committed to the secret art, science and technology of mass population control for a Master-Slave New World Order (NWO). The National Socialist of Nazi Germany was only the seen agents, executives, mechanics and technicians of the unseen “Hidden Hand.”


Lebensborn (Spring of Life) set up…

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Room 237

A close friend of mine conincidently (or maybe not if you don’t believe in them) showed me an excellent video about hidden messages in Kubrick’s work which led me to of course go trawling through youtube and after seeing a few videos stumbled upon this documentary which was released fairly recently.
Check it out its definitley worth a look.
Stanley Kubrick was a genius there’s no doubt about it

Guess Who’s Bizzack!

Whats good people haven’t post on here in a New York minute (I live in London but you get the point).

Since my last post the world has become crazier, people are more flakey than ever there and there seems to be a weird craze spreading like wildfire called Twerkin or something. I think it has something to do with Miley Cyrus….I’m just fuckin wit ya

Well just a quick one to say I’m back like I never left. And for most of you that means nothing because you never knew I was here in the first place so whatever the situation might be lets just celebrate the fact that I’m back. 

Gonna try and post some interesting stuff everyday to keep you on your toes. We are now in more of a pickle than we’ve ever been as people of this great earth. We must try to find a method in the madness, walk with me people I’m not saying i know the answers but together we can try and work it out out out. 

Gonna hit y’all up with a mega post later. Share my thoughts on all things hip hop, the illuminati and anything else thats on my mind. For now enjoy the sounds of Scarface

I shall return….. 




Jasmine Mans – “Nicki Minaj”

You are being traded paper in exchange for you to be plastic

All Dolls will eventually mal-function

(I don’t even know why you girls bother at this point like give it up, it ‘s me I win you lose)

Nicki MInaj,

(It’s me)

I must admit

(Its, its me)

I have always been intrigued by your ass,

I guess that’s what the world looked like after falling from your shoulders.

(Like give it up)

You have the heartbeat of a suicide bomber

A baseline breathing out of your pulse

Your thighs play storage for the weight of the world

I dreamt that you used to back pack, the lost raps, of Female MCs who could not find their way out the cipher

(Its just like I single handedly annihilated like every rape bitch in the building)

Traded in your crown for unsharpened pencils and blank CDs

(Like give it up)

Do you ever feel a cord gripping on your neck, choke, spit?

Don’t let this industry f*ck the Assata out of you


Can and will never be code for queen

You are a Queen no matter how many times they try to shuffle you back in tape decks.

Bi Sex, straight, you’ve earned my respect

(You da Bestest)

But I know your spine binds and crooked lines

And you can’t seem to write a rhyme for your broken daughters

Slaughter, bent over back, ass cracked, bitch slapped, in videos

There is nothing pedal bike pretty about broken

Do you know what this media is trying to do to you?

They will porcelain


Doll the shit out of you

Leave you noose necked hanging from Zion they will Lauryn Hill you

The mis-education of a Barbie doll coming soon

(I just had an epiphany)

Barbie, I think NYC is making you forget you come from Queens

Its scary when you have wack MCs trying to ghost write your obituary

(You should buy a 16 cuz I write it good)

Your existence is not recyclable to me


Stop spitting me toy stories

Of Woodys and Buzzlight Years who only come alive when no body is watching

Fake breast

Once upon a time before puberty and tissue filled training bras all little girls wanted a toy chest

What do you treasure? *

You have turned your G-spot into a land-mind

Dirty, disgusting

We have been waiting centuries for a woman like you to carve your stiletto in history

This microphone is not a dildo so you are going to have to cum a little harder than that,

(I, win, I win, you lose)

Come a little harder for rap

Too many women before you have laid down tracks — UNIT…Y?

So you wouldn’t have to record your on your back

Spit some shit it for girls who kiss girls and got beat down to their backs

We will remember you for that

Lips sync your screams and remember your inflections and copyright your raps



For young money anyone can buy themselves their own ( I’m Nick Minaj, Nicki Lewinski, Nicki Barbie, the boss)

Crown, Vagina, Womanhood, and Talent,

All Sold separately


You are being stabbed in the back

Inserted with a wind up string and a tag?

(R, R, R, Roger that)

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Operation Green Venom takes down Biggs in drug sweep

Kareem "Biggs" Burke Arrested for Marijuana

The 18-month investigation into the vast narcotics network – headed by Geovanny “Manny” Rodriguez Perez – resulted in $1 million in seized profits and 177 pounds of marijuana, Hayes said.
Damn that’s alot of weed

Pharaohe Monch is back with some heat!

Why didn’t no one tell me this guy was in the UK (yeah I know I’m slipping I should have known) I would have been at Jazz Cafe for sure. Ah well Pharoahe is dropping W.A.R on October 27th make sure you go and cop that I know I will be.

here is the tracklist that has been doing the rounds on the net as of late.

01 Intro/Skit f. Idris Elba
02 Evolve
03 W.A.R. f. Vernon Reid
04 Clap
05 The Hitman
06 Black Hand Side f. Styles P & Phonte
07 Let My People Go
08 Shine (feat. Mela Machinko)
09 Haile Selassie Karate f. Denaun Porter
10 Assassins f. Jean Grae & Royce Da 5’9″
11I llusions
12 Mama’s Boy
13 Still Standing f. Jill Scott

Track 6 could be epic!!!

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Thisis50 Interview With Black Rob

BR telling it like it is

Strange Pic of the Day

I know he calls himself Jay Hova but is there any need to pray to him?

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