Nardwuar talks to Earl Sweatshirt and some dyke looking chick

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Lord Jamar takes Issue with Kanye (Again!)

Lord Jamar from the legendary group Brand Nubian wants to know what the fuck is on Kanye’s mind with this confederate flag shit.

He also wants to fight Yelawolf but that’s a different story

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Well I woke up this morning and went straight into it lol
This post is a must read

In Search of Black Assassins


The Nazi Lebensborn and the Ahnenerbe (Occult Bureau) were some of the most secret, terrifying and diabolical programs ever developed by a State. After the Fall of Nazi Germany, these programs were deliberately shrouded by U.S. and British Intelligence in a cloak of silence as if they never had existed.

During the 20th Century, the Nazis paraded around dressed in black uniforms emblazed with “Skull and Bones” waving large black and red swastikas ranting a 1000 Year Reich of Global Dominance and Aryan Supremacy. It was a State whose national policy was based on global racial mass murder. It was a nation committed to the secret art, science and technology of mass population control for a Master-Slave New World Order (NWO). The National Socialist of Nazi Germany was only the seen agents, executives, mechanics and technicians of the unseen “Hidden Hand.”


Lebensborn (Spring of Life) set up…

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Room 237

A close friend of mine conincidently (or maybe not if you don’t believe in them) showed me an excellent video about hidden messages in Kubrick’s work which led me to of course go trawling through youtube and after seeing a few videos stumbled upon this documentary which was released fairly recently.
Check it out its definitley worth a look.
Stanley Kubrick was a genius there’s no doubt about it