Rihanna is not in the illuminati

Well I guess that settles it then.

If you are wondering where or what these are they are screenshots from Rihanna’s new video S & M.

In this particular section of the video Rihanna is on stage while reporters are sitting there listing all the rumors there are about her on their notepads

The image flashes up very quickly so it was hard to capture but if you look carefully you can clearly make out it has “Princess of the Illuminati” written on it.

Abit strange don’t you think all these artists like Kanye, Lady Gaga, Rick Ross and Jay-Z making a point to mention they are not apart of it.

What have these deceitful bastards got in store for us next I wonder?

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  1. i dont believe rihanna anymore. never believed. she is evil and i dont think she will change.

  2. it’s too much coinsidence. they are devil worshippers. it’s not just a rumor there is actual proof!!! why don’t they explain all those backward messages that are absorbed by are subconcious mind. whats the point of those hidden messages? what’s the point in those pyramids? they are satan worshippers! and thats their decision. i respect it even though i don’t agree with it. in america we have freedom of religion so they can do wateva they want, but why lie about it? unless they are up to something. hmmmmm?

    sorry for my bad spelling;) lol

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