Polly Vernon ain’t got a clue


After reading the article above I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and guess that the Observer Deputy Editor doesn’t have any children (infact upon googling her name this popped up http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2009/feb/08/motherhood-children-babies1) and the reason for this is I don’t think this woman has any idea of what artists like Lady Gaga and Rihanna are doing to these poor kids minds.

She defends the over sexualized videos by claiming that what artists like Lady Gaga are doing is somehow a statement of empowerment and to quote Vernon “To dismiss Lady Gaga – and her visual spawn – as salaciously, gratuitously, unnecessarily sexual, is to miss the point. To denounce them as yet another facet of our increasingly porn-obsessed, casually misogynistic culture is just plain wrong”.

Oh really?

She goes on to say “Lady Gaga presents an extremely empowered vision of sex and sexiness. Hers is a million miles away from the cynical, soulless titillation of your average Britney Spears video; of …Baby One More Time, say (in which Spears, who was 17, dressed as a schoolgirl and beseeched whoever to “Hit me, baby, one more time…”). It’s the opposite of the sex offered in most R&B and hip-hop videos, in which unnamed, interchangeable bikini-clad models dance for the slathering delectation of the male recording artists. Because men dance for Lady Gaga”.

What I think she fails to realize is that these major record labels have targeted kids to sell this PRODUCT to. And I mean PRODUCT that’s what Lady Gaga is. She is no more in control of her image than Britney Spears was and that because her videos are more about a promotion of homosexuality and bi-sexuality than the misogynistic images portrayed in your token heterosexual (well for the most part anyway) rap videos that means she is making a statement rather than just using sex to sell a product.

She may have thought differently had she caught her daughter parading herself around like a whore and claiming she was empowered after trying to imitate her idol Lady Gaga a woman who thinks it’s a good idea to have a mock killing with blood all over the stage in a recent show in England only weeks after some lunatic gunman killed twelve people in Cumbria very tactful is our Gaga.

I hate to inform you Ms Vernon but Gaga is not the artist of empowerment that you think she is. She is nothing more than a fame whore, a puppet, a tool for the record companies and the people who run them to further push their agenda on the public.

And what is that agenda I hear you say? Well I’m glad you asked

Indoctrination into the occult. That’s right I said it no need to check if you read it correctly, I know right about now you are thinking maybe this guy has a couple of screws loose but I assure you if you understand signs and symbols and if you have ever read or investigated anything to do with the occult or Freemasonry you already know what I am talking about. Infact you have already been subjected to imagery mainly through the medium of film and television that you probably wasn’t aware of that deals with the language of the occult.

Gaga ritually sacrificed for our viewing pleasure

But I’m getting a little sidetracked here my main qualm with this piece is the complete overlooking this supposed journalist has done in analyzing what these images do a child’s mind or a young teenagers mind. She ignores the thoughts of Mike Stock who made a statement a week or so ago saying that pop music videos now are like soft pornography and fails to acknowledge at all that the kids are the ones who watch these videos and try to imitate them and it’s them that this affects most if she only knew what the powers that be behind labels like Interscope are really up to. On second thoughts she probably wouldn’t believe it anyway.

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