Being N Dubz (being pricks more like it)

Take a look at these pricks

If like me you thought N Dubz were the biggest pricks walking this earth before watching their recent Channel 4 show (ingeniously title “Being N Dubz”) then you were wrong they are even bigger pricks than that.

Dappy, Fazer and Tulisa make up the group N Dubz and their documentary style programme tragically saw its last episode air last night which is sad because I was only a few more episodes away from planning a mission to hunt the fuckers down and have them beaten to within an inch of their lives.

Hate is a strong word but to say I hate N Dubz wouldn’t be enough. They come from humble beginnings but that’s where it stops they simply couldn’t be more up their own arses if they tried conceited, arrogant, self-absorbed obnoxious and over-confident despite a severe lack of talent.

They talk as if they are making music that will last forever but with lyrics like “I’ve been searching all over Facebook and I can’t seem to find you” something tells me they aren’t quite up there with Bob Marley or Bob Dylan just yet.

If the plan of the documentary was to make them look down to earth and likeable they failed miserably.

Is he a Jew? You better believe it

The fat fuck that manages (Jonathan Shalit) them you might recognize remember a MTV show called “Totally Boyband” yeah I didn’t think so anyway it was this musical genius’ idea  to make a boy band comprised of former failed boy band members and turn it into a TV show which lasted about as long as the band did.

He is responsible for Charlotte Church among other acts and is a prime example of someone who would try to sell you a bag of shit if he thought it was feasible.

If your reading and this and thinking I’m wrong that I’ve somehow not seen N Dubz as the brilliant innovative artists they are and that they really are nice people deep down then I urge you just to read the part title “Controversy” on their wikipedia page and tell me they don’t sound like the biggest cunts ever.

And get this not only was their last dj accused of rape but now their drummer has been to court on allegations of sexual assault.

They are setting a great example for the kids don’t you think?

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  1. are you a nobn there well gud i love them and yhou hate them tghat much you sat a rit this fukin bull shit out lol =~) wht a noooobbb lol

  2. Wtf how sad are u makin a page like this why hate shall I tell u why u put this for attention cuz ur mum dunt care neither does ur dad ! Don’t hate

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