They are trying to make Dave Chappelle seem crazy again

Chappelle famously had an unexplained meltdown in 2005, walking away from a $50 million (£33million) contract  with Comedy Central to produce two more seasons of his hit sketch comedy series, Chappelle Show.

He was later located in South Africa and denied reports he was on drugs, saying his disappearance was due to a combination of stress and creative angst over the ideas for his show.

Now that you have read that I suggest you watch these videos

Now look at these TMZ scumbags following Dave Chappelle you can see that Chappelle is obviously not comfortable by the way they can find him anytime they want.

Don’t believe the hype Hollywood tried to get Chappelle down with their agenda but he wasn’t with it so what do they do? They label him crazy because he walked away from a $50m deal and went to Africa but that price was not enough for Dave to sell his soul to these sick fucks.

Notice how the article says “Troubled Comedian” the media are always doing this to people who refuse to play the game remember Chappelle himself says in one of the clips above that that is the best way to discredit someone Chappelle has dropped alot of potent information on us and they need to make him look like a loon.

Don’t believe anything you read and certainly not from a website like fucking TMZ or Media takeout.

Hold ya head Dave,

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