Necro – Die / Vinnie Paz – Sounds of the Assassin (Reviews)

Ok confession time I’ve never been a huge fan of Necro mainly due to his subject matter as his beats are often pretty banging. I don’t know whether it’s today’s climate in hip hop that has made me pay attention to Necro but whatever it is I actually enjoyed this album from front to back and was pleasantly surprised at what I heard.

I was listening to an interview with him the other day and from what I understand this album is perhaps not as sadistic (for lack of a better word) as some of his previous albums so maybe that’s what did it for me either way I found more than enough heat on this album to get it playing in my itunes for a good while.

Asbestos, Die, Viva Necro, Sorcerer Of Death’s Construction and Serpent’s Bite are some of my favourites but you have to check out the Kinkpanther just for pure hilarity.


Only thing that stopped me from giving it a five is just the fact that his subject matter doesn’t wholly appeal to me but when it comes to hot beats and dope rhymes Necro has them in abundance. Also how many rappers do you know that could put out an album with no features and still keep your attention aside from MF DOOM there aren’t any I can think of.

Vinnie Pazienza is an emcee who will either bore you to sleep or make you want to start a fight personally I like abit of aggravated rap (M.O.P anyone?) to start my day and this album right here is like soundtrack to someone being repeatedly punched in the face.

Is Paz lyricist of the year? No. He doesn’t get many marks for creativity either but what he does he does well and precise and the album is littered with good punchlines over what can only be described as solid but not the most diverse or engaging selection of beats.The drums on most tracks are hard though original boom bap style and Vinnie’s grizzly voice sounds great over them it remains to be seen how much replay value this album will have in a few months but for now it’s getting heavy rotation.


Standout tracks Righteous Kill, Nosebleed, Keep on Moving and Role of Life.

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  1. Hey,
    I work for a company that does marketing and publicity for Necro and really enjoyed your post about his album. Thanks. I would love to be able to contact you to send you press releases, mp3’s and videos for Necro as well as our other artist that you can check out on our website ( If you are interested please send me an email or contact info so I can get those items to you.


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