Fuck you too Eminem!!


Are you serious

Fuck hip hop oh word. If it wasn’t for hip hop we wouldn’t even know about you period. And because Dre co-signed you and produced your shit you got your street pass and was accepted by the hood but now I guess you don’t really give a fuck because you are doing songs with Pink and Rihanna and will probably sell a couple mill of that bullshit album.

I guess maybe you feel you never got the props you fully deserved but the funny thing is that white journalists were suddenley proclaiming you to be the best rapper that ever lived because you were white.

Em I advise you to get back on the drugs because it clearly makes you write much better rhymes Encore was trash Relapse was just as bad and every song I have heard off this new cd (Not Afraid, 25 to Life, I won’t back down and the song with wayne- can’t remember the name couldn’t give two shits really) is fuckin rubbish aswell.

So fuck you too Eminem you shit is wack now hip hop doesn’t need you go throw yourself off a fucking bridge or something you ungrateful little bastard

The cheek of it

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