Young Chris – The Network 2 + Jadakiss – Champ is Here pt 3

I’ve been waiting on this for a while and I have to say that when I finally got the download link and listened to it I wasn’t overly thrilled to be honest. Good beats and the lyrics are solid but after a few tracks it gets abit lackluster. I like Chris but he is very one-dimensional at least he doesn’t flood the mixtapes with guests as he is confident he can hold his own (or maybe he just didn’t have the dough I noticed the song with Lil Wayne he’s only on the hook) but like I say after a few tracks I kind of switched of after a while.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Chris is good in spots and definitely is better alongside other State Property members but as a solo artist I can see why he never really blew up. He’s just very normal maybe that’s a good thing. If you like your hip hop simple with no frills then this mixtape is for you personally I’d recommend Consequence’s mixtape “Movies on Demand” over this if that’s your preference.


The first mixtape was terrific but too short the second one had moments but was a disappointment overall well I have to say The Champ is Here pt 3 may be the best of the lot. I never get tired of Jada’s flow and delivery he pulls it off so effortlessly and takes some classic tracks and rips them to pieces.

The whole boxing theme is well done as well and Jada sounds as hungry as ever on the mic a couple of gems are Who Shot Ya, Soldier Survivors, Still Hatin, Somehow Someway and  Celebration to name a few.

There are some skippable tracks here but not many and the ones that are good will stay on repeat for a minute.


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