This is some shameful shit right here

I don’t know who this guy is but he reeks of dis-info agent to me. He claims Professor Griff owes him money for vocals he never got blah blah blah

Like anyone is dumb enough to hand over $2,500 to someone and then wait for them to send them the vocals what fucking planet are you living on.

They might have to send the drop squad out for this bitch he is talking real reckless about causing harm to Griff. Until Griff speaks on the matter I’m calling bullshit on this dude and his whole organization.

And further more how are you going to threaten someone on youtube. You just incriminated yourself you fucking idiot if you really was going to step to him then do it stop talking shit on youtube trying to discredit the work that Griff has put in.Where’s the contract proving this oh that’s right you don’t have one. What kind of idiot pays a guy for vocals without a written contract anyway?

Like I said fuck you and your whole organization and you want to hope and pray that nothing happens to Griff because you will be held responsible bitch.

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