I thought this might happen…..

For a man who raps intelligently Jay Electronica can say some stupid shit sometimes (Nas?). So he took issue with something RZA said about southern rappers which Jay himself says he may have heard  in an interview somewhere or read he doesn’t remember. What he does remember is being offended to the point where they may have had an altercation at one time apparently he felt so strongly about it.

To cut a long story short RZA said that southern rappers are “slow” and that they don’t make very lyrical rap music which for the most part is true. Aside from Outkast, Scarface, T.I., Little Brother and maybe a few others I’ve failed to mention the south for the most part has been made up of crunk or trap music and hasn’t come anywhere near to reaching the lyrical heights of New York rap in the 90’s. That being said I enjoy some southern rap music but for the most part it doesn’t really hold my attention for any amount of time.

Now Jay Electronica has decided to let it be known he wasn’t happy about the comments but while he was being filmed saying this shit I’m sure it occurred to him that at some stage that footage would hit the net and be seen by alot of people. And sure enough it wasn’t long before RZA’s brother 9th Prince started getting at Jay on Twitter (here we go again) http://twitter.com/real9thprince/status/13992141791 and then the “Drama King” himself Dj Kay Slay got involved. 

Expect Jay to be visited by some goons at some stage and told to apologise or fall back. My thing is this why would you bother voicing your opinion on something like that on camera. By all means say that you don’t agree with those comments but don’t say you would have had a fight with him over it because that’s dumb we all know the Wu don’t play that shit and I hope Jay gets a pass on this one but quite frankly he should know better. You know that when you say shit like that it is going to be taken out of context and before you know it you have beef with Wu-Tang which isn’t a good look just ask Joe Budden.

While does Jay Electronica, who by his own admission decided to rap without his southern accent because people immediately started thinking he was another ignorant down south rapper, feel the need to defend the south like that anyway. He is an exception to the norm and is more lyrical than we have come to expect from a rapper from New Orleans so why get mad when someone says that the south doesn’t make intelligent music surely Jay knows this.

Miss Info has chronicled the whole madness here:


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