Sheek Louch Signs to Def Jam

I hope he takes the advance money and acts reckless with it might aswell have some fun while it last because the album ain’t coming out.

WTF is with Def Jam right now they used to be home to artists like Public Enemy, Redman, LL Cool J, Jay-Z, DMX, Ja Rule and now they have signed Shyne and Sheek Louch??

Don’t get me wrong I’ve got nothing against Sheek I’m a LOX fan till the day I die but come one seriously how many records is this guy really going to sell let’s be honest.

There’s about as much point in this as Slaughterhouse signing with Shady. Oh well I guess he’s gonna get alot of ads now in XXL and The Source not that anybody reads those pieces of shit anymore but hey.

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  1. i really feel that the above statement was wack! im one who has been listening to true hip hop for at least 30yrs and in this day and age the entire lox jada, sp and sheek posess lyrical content… not many today are putting out anything that is real or sensible… im feeling sheek since they dropped! if people would listen to more than the music then they can make a sound judgement… BIG UPS SHEEK and SHYNE drag them youngings

    • you have been listening to hip hop for 30 years damn thats a long time what are you in your 40’s or something lol. i’m a fan of sheek aswell but this was just a dumb move by def jam who is going to buy a sheek louch record or album now? he dropped a few independent albums on Koch and they did terribly what makes them think that he can even move more than 100,000 first week. if you check out the rest of my bog you’ll see i’m a fan of real hip hop music so it is what it is. and have you heard shyne rap recently? now that shit is wack!

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