Hell Razah in a coma?

According to various reports (http://twitter.com/calizack/status/11767365436) the rapper Hell Razah from the group Sunz of Man apparently had a brain aneurysm and fell into a coma.

If this is true then it’s extremely sad news and frankly I hope that the fact that it hasn’t been reported on any major hip hop sites and blog pages means it’s just a rumor. (EDIT I just read that Bronze Nazareth has also sent well wishes to him on his twitter look’s like it is true)

Hell Razah is one of my favourite rappers right now and I’m not just saying that dude gets it in on the mic always dropping science and is dedicated to his craft.

I hope he pulls through ok I’m a huge fan of Razah, Sunz of Man and Killah Priest they are very talented lyricists and rappers that it’s shame not more people have heard of. They make real hip hop music not the bullshit that passes for it on commercial stations across the globe.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Hell Razah and his fam and let’s hope he’s back in the studio sooner than expected.

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