Hip Hop is on life support right now

I’ve been watching a bunch of old videos recently just purely for nostalgia purposes and I noticed a few things while doing so. I was watching Juvenile’s video for “Ha” which came out in 1999 or there abouts and I realized that while I had watched it initially purely just to mock it and think about how wack cash money were by the end of the video my thoughts had changed dramatically. For one the video is grimey as hell, Juve is in his hood in New Orleans,the Magnolia Projects I believe, and I thought to myself that is something we never see anymore a rapper just in there hood. It was actually shot really well also it didn’t look like the most expensive ever but the production values looked good and it did the job it was supposed to. Another thing I thought is while alot of my friends at school liked Cash Money but Juvenile in particular when he dropped “400 Degreez” I was never a fan but with the state of rap being what it is today I was watching the video thinking hey this ain’t actually that bad.

Has rap nowadays become so fake, so watered down that it’s making guys like Juvenile look like the second coming of Rakim? Or is it simply that Juvenile was actually quite a good artist, maybe even dare I say it ahead of his time, and compared to bullshit artists like Gucci Mane and Wacka Flocka certainly he comes out shining.

I may just have to get a copy of Juve’s album and give it a listen to see if I can actually appreciate it all these years later. (There is also every chance it could sound dated and I could just be talking pure shit it’s a definite possibility.)

At the risk of sounding like some “old head” who is clinging on to rap from my early teens this shit that is going on in hip hop right now is some straight up bullshit and either you’re with it or you’re not and get left behind.

These rappers right now are either uninspiring (Nipsey Hu$$tle?- What I’m supposed to give a fuck because you did a song with Snoop get the fuck outta here) corny ass hell (Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth, Kid Cudi….need i go on) or just straight bitch made (cough* Drake )

Jae Millz , who some may remember from the Smack DVD days, has recently made comments about the XXL Freshmen cover basically saying who the fuck are these guys (donnis, pills….. has anybody heard of these bums?) and he was as usual blasted as a hater and “he just mad cause he been in the game for years and he ain’t got no paper”.

Apparently you’re not allowed to have an opinion anymore if you are not selling millions of records (or coke take your pick).

I not only echo Millz’s statements (Harlem stand up!) but I would go as far as to say that 99% of rap nowadays is complete trash and if I ever have a seed I will be sure to steer him/her away from the Kid Cudi’s of this world and raise him on a steady diet of De la Soul, A Tribe called Quest and Public Enemy (we’ll save the Biggie’s and Tupac’s for when he/she gets abit older lol)

And while we are talking about the state of hip hop what the fuck are these major labels thinking these days. LA Reid signed Shyne and Atlantic Records (the same label that wouldn’t put out Saigon) have signed Diggy Simmons. Diggy fucking Simmons are you fucking serious? Who on earth thought that was a good idea?  These A&R’s need to be beaten within an inch of their life if you ask me. Back in the day corny rappers couldn’t exisit in hip hop that’s just how it was if you were wack people would say so and probably throw you off the godamn stage for having the cheek to get on stage and front like you were really a somebody. Now the minute you call these guys out you get labeled a hater it’s truly a sorry state of affairs.

And underground hip hop ain’t much better a bunch of clap out old has beens trying to stay alfoat in the age where everyone attention span isn’t even long enough to make it past the first minute of the video.

Well there you have it another day another rant, but I love this rap shit too much to simply let it fall by the waste side.

I urge people out there that love true hip hop to support the artists that are still providing us with good music. Whether that’s by buying their album or going to their show. And if you can’t do that at least circulate their music amongst friends and associates and get people bumping that raw shit again.

If you have time go and check out Sean Price, Killah Priest,Jay Electroinca, Elzhi or Masta Ace & Edo G, Raekwon, Ghostface and Mos Def but hey if you’re already a true hip hop head like me you’ll already familiar with those names. (I just realized I’m probably just preaching to the converted here.)

Rap is on life support right now and with every corny rapper or fake thug claiming to be the next Tony Montana that comes out the more irrelevant it becomes a quite soon we may have to pull the plug and call it a day, there’s more chance of saving it.

Wait a minute did I just say that? fuck that



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