Old footage of Drake looking bitch made


i started watching this clip but after a  few minutes i just wanted to punch his smug face in. The footage is from something called Degrassi Unscripted and shows us how Drake or should I say Aubrey Graham(what kind of gay name is that?) was living, which was pretty fucking good by the looks of things. In the beginning of the clip he’s driving an Acura and says he didn’t want a Mercedes because he thought it was pretentious (oh god forbid).

There are some things a broke hip hop listener/dj like myself truly despise and one of them is guys that are more fortunate then us getting involved in rap to look cool and shit or just for something to do. Go fuck off and take your bitch ass back to the burbs where you belong this hip hop shit was made for the have-nots, the people that society forgot about, a voice for the neglected youth to speak their mind not for some rich kid to rap about how many girls hearts he breaks while living the life of riley get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.

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