New Years Resolution

I have a news years resolution and it’s not going on a diet or giving up smoking. It’s to:

Stop Visiting Messageboard Forums

I’m not sure how I even got started posting in forums but I seem to have an urge to talk shit to random people I have not/will never meet ever in my life. It’s like an addiction. Only when you visit messageboard forums you get completely sucked in to an argument you never even gave a shit about to begin with. Plus they are surely filled with the most ignorant and despicable people I have ever had the misfortune to communicate with albeit through a computer.

And the endless threads about Lil Wayne being the greatest or Floyd Mayweather being a “pussy” I mean seriously I’m becoming a grown man now and quite frankly like Scarface said “I don’t need that shit in my life”. Because the problem is I respond to these fuckwits comments like I actually believe they are going to take anything on board or eventually see sense.

So yeah no more messageboards and if you actually have a working brain that is your own I suggest you stay well clear of them as well.

They breed ignorant asswipes and will rob you of a few minutes where you could’ve actually have been doing something constructive. And that has to be another resolution of mine to stop taking up so much time by doing pointless shit (like writing this).

Time is of the essence. I’m not getting any younger and frankly where I’m at right now is not where I want to be so steps must be taken. But wait this is all getting way too deep, you see I’m at it again talking shit for the sake of it. It’s become a nasty habit one that I hope will actually benefit me one day should anyone want to read or listen to my ramblings.

I’ll take this time to say happy new year to anyone reading this. It’s time to cut out needless shit in your life, be yourself and please TURN OFF CHANNEL ZERO


-the 18th letter

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