Gaga asked by interviewer about Illuminati

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Yet her contention that fame can do no wrong was shaken by one question at the end of the interview. Aware that more people wanted to know more about her the longer she’s in the public eye — “I find I’m being probed a bit more” — Internet rumors have been spreading.

While helpful for fueling media interest and the enigma of Lady Gaga, among the most fantastic things circulating out there is that she’s a brain-washed puppet of the Illuminati, another is that she is a hermaphrodite. The question was asked how does feel when she reads things like the latter.

The atmosphere changed.

“I’m not even going to answer that,” was her response after a protracted pause, while off camera her manager expressed shock at the question, demanding it not be aired (a demand she later retracted only after plenty of discussion).

Gaga herself said the cameras should be turned off, the interview over. They weren’t and it wasn’t. Things were quickly, if uncomfortably, smoothed over for the sake of one more question to “end on a positive note,” according to the manager.

Composure regained, “You can ask me about scrutiny, but I’d prefer if you didn’t…” Gaga said.

Was the reaction a studied response to fuel more controversy? It didn’t seem so, it was personal and had struck a nerve. Yet her response to the reworded question on scrutiny was like a switch had been flicked and she was back on message:

“There are no downsides,” she said before launching into slightly an anecdote that involved getting advice from Grace Jones while she washed her feet

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