Professor Griff on Blog Talk Radio (11/9/09/)- Show N Prove


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  1. Please note …The following post below is a copy of a message i sent on after watching Professor Griff talk about Occult in Hip Hop, Today is the first of December 2009 , this message was posted today , written today , explaining events which happened after i watched Proffesor Griff You Tubes on the 29th November 2009 , This has shaken my wife , but now we are good with it , and spiritually prepared ,thank you ,i hope you are stirred by the following events like i was , Peace

    You got some videos bout Pac which Blows my mind Homie , That day back n 96 Sept , i was 20 yrs old , and i cryed the whole day like a little baby , i dont tell people ,but i feel it is what it is wid u postin all these videos i have never seen before , Pac was the older big brother i never had , and i still hold his words to my heart , What makes this significant is Anthony “Scoe ” Walker a consultant for Bad Boy and Rocafella ,Shady Records , (as well as a whole lot of others) has his own consulting company called Suavehouse 2 A&R Talent Scouting , who just yesterday hit my Music Page tellin me hes feelin my Music tryin ta get a sit down with Major Labels like the Above mentioned,tellin me to google his name and hes for real (youll get my link), Hes got Rick Morales (SHADY) and the vice Pres of Rockefella (on his Myspace) and they talkin bout how Anthony ‘Scoe ‘ Walker has the best ear for New Talent , and they come to meet him wheneva he arranges sitdown meetings for Artists ,HEs like their main goto man , This happened yesterday ,ill post the link to you , he left a comment on my song Time in which you can read for yourself , Thing is , Pac warned us about these cats and i aint biting , i dont care bout their money and how they may have blown up since 96 , Im a True Seed of Pac , So im in the Cut waitin , even if he cant show for years , Im in the cut , , i dont trust these cats , and my wife thinks they may have targeted me and my music as a legit threat , so i urge you to read his Comment to me @ and click on my song Time and on the left columm are the comments ,look for Scoe and follow his links to his Myspace Page , A huge reason i hate these cats is cause Sunday night I spent 3-4 hours listenin to Professor Griff (Public Enemy) , and i was enlightened, and felt the Truth of Occult in Hip Hop , Then the next day i was contacted by Scoe !!!!!! click on Time , and read what Scoe has to say , pls holla back as Im a True Souljah and although i dont know you , I feel we true Fam, Just keepin it real , This a thanks from me for holdin it Down wid all them You Tubes , One Love Homie .

  2. It came to me today that what may come as the pole shift many speak of, may be this:
    God is light and there is 13 aspects to the light, the seen and the unseen. Radio waves, Microwaves, Infrared, The seven prime visible colours, Ultraviolet, X-rays and Gamma rays. All these aspects are from the light although the Gamma rays on a sliding scale are a higher vibration than the other end The Radio waves. The higher vibrations can be viewed as more positive than the lower vibrations so the lower vibrations can be seen as negative when compared to the positive higher vibration.
    Another way of viewing this or linking the positive and negative can be when I look in a mirror I am the positive original image but my reflection in the mirror is a negative image because if I was able to inhabited that reflected body or empathise with that image it would look like the real thing but it is not, because in truth is everything that is on my left is now on my right and visa versa. So to bring it back to my positive original true image I would need to make another mirror image of the first mirror image to bring it back to the true original. Much like a photo from film first making a negative and then a photo from the negative to be a true likeness of the original.
    The mirror image is a negative fake, not the real thing. Much like the powers that be at present and maybe even for thousands of years they are meant to be representing the unity of the many people but they appear to only be representing their own power and money positions for the benefit of the few. For whatever reason either by design or by stupidity it makes little difference to the lives of the many who are suffering at their hands.
    But we can see hope on the horizon, this web site for one and there are many hopeful signs out there that things are changing and the people are waking up and speaking to one another.
    Today we are we able to share information of other links and web sites to spread the word. E.g. Please, check out some of the audio archives.
    It would appear that some of the information coming through about the present powers can be viewed like the magicians trickery. Truth being manipulated from the unseen negative end of the spectrum but like the 100 monkey’s the sooner we can create a current of truth like a battery even if we find the negative of that battery is even more negative than the majority of normal people can bare to think about because they cannot imagine the power elite can be that negative or that ruthless it would seem we have reached the time to face our fears and shine the light of truth on what is really going on. Many still believe they are coming from the positive perspective.
    They say the veil is thinning whether through positive energies are hitting the earth or that people have had enough of being treated like children and it is time for us to grow up and face our fears now or think about what mess we will be leaving our children and grandchildren to mop up. It will only get worse and even harder for them to clean up our mess.
    It came to me today that what may come as the pole shift may be this: The ordinary people take back their power and not trust it to the few who patently are unable to deal with it the right way for the good of the unity of the many. Exploring ways to simplify how we behave and what we believe being guided by the examples of the positive truths gleamed through the beauty in nature as Ralph so well points out. The pole shift being the ordinary people gain or regain the positive and move that current well and truly back from the negative power barons. With and through peace and Love and fearlessness!

  3. please e-mail me follow-up comments

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