Don’t be mad UPS is hiring

I have been listening to alot of quality 90’s hip hop in the last couple days you know albums like Big L “Lifestyles of da poor and Dangerous”, Smif-n-Wessun’s “Dah Shinin”, Kool G Rap “4,5,6” you remember when you actually gave a shit about rappers.

But these new dudes are making it increasing hard to like any off them. They are flooding the internet with mixtape after mixtape and appearing on every blog page crying out for someone to actually give a shit about their crappy music but I simply can’t get excited. The only new rapper I would give time to right now is Blu and maybe Jay Electronica. Ok ok I like Joel Ortiz as well but other then that there ain’t jack shit to get hype about  in hip hop right now.

Let me give a quick list of the culprits here and hopefully by the time I finish this blog they will have already faded into obsecurity and vanished from our minds completely.


I actually liked him when he first came about but the Prodigy incident and being lyrically murdered by Joe Budden did him no favors whatsoever. He’s releasing a new mixtape with Statik Selektah called “All in a day’s work” but I be damned if I can be bothered to download it when it drops.

Charles Hamilton

His raps are corny, he wears pink and reps Sonic the Hedgehog need i say anymore?

Asher Roth

Comparisons to Eminem are laughable they are both white but that’s where the similarities end. In fact if Asher Roth tried to rhyme in cipher’s in Detroit that Em spat in they would probably have pistol whipped him and left him with nothing but his boxers to walk back to the burbs with. Next time he tries to rhyme in your cipher just slap the shit out of him a film it. Now that’s some footage worth putting on

Mickey Facts

This guy just looks like a nerd and nerd’s shouldn’t rap unless they wear a mask and rap better then Kool G Rap (please tell me you know who i am talking about). To be fair I haven’t even heard any material from this guy he’s probably dope for all I know but as long as he looks like a geek I just can’t be bothered to check for him.

Joe Budden

This guy can actually rap but making videos all the time with the main feature being your girl’s ass (and don’t get me wrong it is a very nice ass) is just not a good look. I predict Padded Room will go double wood no wait just straight wood.


I liked this guy aswell for about a week. Sometimes his voice almost puts me to sleep and most off his songs sound the same.

Gulity Simpson

Average just plain average not even J Dilla’s head nodders could save a track with this dude.

Commercial hip hop is like something out of WWE but the alternative right now is not looking too bright either. If you want that real hip hop you have to dig deep there are literally hundred of talent artists out there they are just hard to find. Here’s some myspace pages to get you going

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