Trapped in the Closet (no homo edition)


Is it just me or is there some real faggot shit going on in hip hop right now. Take for example Kanye West. Now if the way he chooses to dress doesn’t convince you then what about videos like this

Why does he have to come out (no pun intended) all the time and say Im not gay. Even though he admitted that his style of dress was inspired by gays apparently he’s not gay. Ok Kanye if you say so. I guess posing nude in Vibe will dispell the rumors real qucik eh. P Diddy is another one who likes to confuse us with his behaviour. Just watch this interview where he comes on to this chat show blowing kisses at the audience then gives the host some of his fragrance in a very very gay way
Ok I know what you’re thinkin I’m reading into things a little too much but check this out looks perfectly innocent right

and then this happened
Apparently Diddy has also admitted that his dress style was inspired by his gay uncle just a coinicedence I’m sure.
Now why are Kanye and Puff saying these things. Are we gettin ready for a rapper to come out of the closet in 09? It wouldn’t surprise me when shit like this is going on when we’re not looking
The whole thing is like an episode of Boondocks. In an episode in season 2 Riley sees a video by his favourite rapper Gangstalicious called “Do the homey” where the chrous goes “homeys over ho’s” and he even gets sent free clothes by the rapper which includes a skirt as one of the items. As ludicrous as it sounds this is actually not far off what is going on. It is becoming more acceptable to wear femine colors such as pink and even have a “man bag” as it is often referred to but the shit looks like a fucking purse to me. The day you see me with a “man bag” please feel free to slap the shit out of me.

For years the music and film industry has protected artists whoose sexual orientation has been kept a secret between those in the know. Hip Hop’s views towards homosexuality has always been critical to say the least. But are we becoming more open minded about the issue or more importantly as they have been doing with TV are the powers that be simply decensortizing kids to homosexuality but doing it in a very subtle way.
I’m not really sure what is going on but needless to say some of these rappers careers would be seriously affected should any info leak out about what they get up to in thier spare time. Karrine “Superhead” Steffens in her book confesses that P Diddy and Xzibit took her to a gay club. However she is not seen as being credible because she has been labelled an industry ho and excused of trying to use it to hype up her book. So what is it going to take for people to question what is really going on? Someone to come out the closet and admitt it maybe?
For now let’s just stay on the ball (no homo) and keep our eyes and ears open to what’s going on and just because a rapper is “reported” to be dating some famous model don’t mean it’s true.

Oh and if you are still saying gay shit then covering it up by saying no homo at the end you’re probably gay aswell (just kidding)

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