Suge Knight: The Hip Hop Boogieman but did he have 2Pac killed?


Let me start this piece by saying that this originally was intended just to be a little blog about my feelings towards the allegations that Suge Knight is responsible for the murder of Tupac Shakur. However examining this type of thing is going to require alot more debate and research then this little piece can do justice so consider this an introduction to a much longer more in depth story.

He has been labelled the most intimidating and feared figure in the music industry. Former football player, bodyguard and later CEO of one of the biggest rap record labels of all time Marion Suge Knight is loved by very few (maybe none come to think of it) and hated by many. His business practices were described as being ruthless and violent. He scared record execs into releasing their artists, bullied people out of money or simply just for principle reasons (including his own artists) and terrorized anyone that dared to get in his company’s way. But I ask myself am I the only person that thinks he didn’t kill Tupac Shakur?
Detective Russel Poole clearly doesn’t think so as he has risked everything including his career and possibly his safety in the pursuit of the man he thinks is responsible for killing not just one but two of hip hop’s greatest superstars. Even though Suge has yet to be convicted of the murder(s) the public perception especially within the hip hop community is that he did it. He is already a condemned man yet Russel Poole is intent on on this man being convicted risking everything in the process for what. Truth, justice, principle…? It seems alot to put on the line for one man, a man that even if convicted would only confirm the feelings that people are already expressing about him. But if we are to believe what Poole is telling us the LAPD doesn’t want Suge Knight convicted of this murder. Or more importantly doesn’t want to show the links between the LAPD and Knight in the time leading up to the murder. Why? What information are the LAPD hiding that would be so drastic if it ever came to light . Could they have planned on using Suge all along as the scapegoat once the shit hit the fan? There are several things that don’t add up if you look at the whole situation.
The Motive for the killing: They say Suge had Tupac killed because he wanted to leave the label. Editor of Rollingstone magazine Randall Sullivan claimed in an interview with Davey D that you couldn’t just leave Death Row records without something happening to you as if it were some kind of cult. But Dr. Dre left and so did rapper Sam Sneed while Suge was still in charge and to my knowledge they are both still alive and breathing. So why was it that Tupac was killed and they weren’t?
Dr. Dre has gone on to make millions without Suge yet Knight has never made any attempts at extorting him or trying to have him killed as far as I know.
It is also claimed that Suge owed Tupac millions and that if he had him killed then he wouldn’t have to pay him plus Death Row had alot of Tupac material that they could make money off without Tupac there. If true then that plan has severely backfired.
The media portrayal of Knight compared to Puffy: Now I’m not sure if you are aware of this but Suge Knight is not the only CEO not to pay his artists properly. For years it has been common knowledge within the hip hop world that Sean Combs aka P Diddy has been what some describe as a “paperwork gangster”. There are numerous artists that were neglected (Craig Mack) signed to slave deals (the LOX) and producers that were not paid properly for their contributions to the Notorious B.I.G’s debut album “Ready to die”. Yet even though he mistreated his artists like Suge did the portrayal of Puffy is that he is a businessman as supposed to Suge who is seen as nothing more then a glorified street thug.
The Blood and Crip links and Orlando Anderson: Detective Russell Poole claims that the beating of crip member Orlando Anderson in the Vegas casino was to serve as the motive for the killing of Tupac Shakur. In a documentary made by Brtish filmmaker Nick Broomfield Shakur’s bodyguard also admits he was told to say that Anderson was attacked because he had robbed a Death Row member of their medallion prior to the incident although he knew nothing about it.
They also made a point of accusing Puffy of hiring Crip members to work as security for Bad Boy claims that Sean Combs has flatly denied. In some reports they even went so far as to say that it was the Notorious B.I.G. himself that had supplied the weapon involved in the murder of Tupac (as if a crip member couldn’t somehow get a hold of a gun if he wanted to).
Suge Knight often dressed in all red and it was known that he grew up in a blood neighbourhood in Compton. It is also known that he hired blood gang members to work for Death Row so i can see the connection there but Biggie’s camp have little to no connection with gang affiliation especially a LA based gang that had at that time had no base in New York at all.
The East Coast VS West Coast beef: It was actually the media in my opinion that created this war between rappers from rival coasts. And if not created then they certainly perpetuated it every chance they got. Tupac believed that Biggie had set him up in the infamous Quad recording studio shooting of 1994. From the moment Tupac declared beef with Biggie the media proceeded to hype it up MTV being the main culprit and it became this whole East versus West thing when in fact it was two rappers that had a problem not a whole coast.
That night in Vegas: They are so many things that don’t add up about this night yet are rarely explored. The police claim they had little to no co-operation from witness’ which was one of the reasons they hadn’t had progress with the case. But the one key witness they did have, rapper Kadafi (real name Yafeu Fula half brother to Shakur), who was riding in the car behind Shakur when the shooting took place was murdered six weeks after police failed to bring him in for questioning. Afterwards police said that “Our last good hope was killed in New Jersey. He [Fula] was our number one witness.” In the movies you always see the cop dragging the witness into an interrogation room untill they get the truth about what happened the reality is often very different. Didn’t really seem like they cared if he did or didn’t give evidence hardly the signs of a thorough investigation.
There is really so much to debate and discuss about this night I will have to leave it for another blog.

I think the LAPD deliberately placed officers among the Death Row organization to destroy it from the inside. Police officers were told on one hand that they could not have any policemen working for Death Row because it was a criminal organization yet they clearly did have certain people within the camp so you mean to tell me they knew nothing of their activity off duty?
In order for any of this to make any sense at all we have to look at what we know for definite and what is just merely speculation. It is speculation that Suge had Tupac killed for money reasons. Either to make more money or to stop from losing it. What we do kow is that Suge Knight has sinced filled for bankrupcy and is even trying lame attempts at suing Kanye West for an incident that happened at his party. He hasn’t made any money from Tupac’s death if anything he has lost money! And surely if he killed Tupac for this reason alone then why hasn’t he or at least someone been arrested for the shooting. What motive could the police possibly have in covering the whole thing up if it was Suge that did it? Why would they protect him and if they did what does he know that is so vital to this case? Are they keeping him out of jail for this particular thing because of stuff he knows about the LAPD?

For me if Suge did do it then he was definitely not alone. There is no way this particular man could have had so much power that he could have a famous celebrity killed on a Las Vegas strip in front of so many people and no one knows what happened. He would had to have control or at least have supreme influence among major police forces, the F.B.I, the supreme courts and the media. The same media that painted him as the villain from day one. Like alot of things in this situation it doesn’t make sense.

So as I said at the beginning of the piece I just wanted to make a little blog about this issue but as I have been writing this and reading various bits of information here and there decided a small blog would come no where near covering an incident of this magnitude. So stay tuned for more I plan to go real deep on this one.

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  1. NtwH1B Thanks for good post

  2. Nice info! Very cool post.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

  3. man i was thinking the same thing when it happened
    because it was mighty funny how things went down it was to weird at first i thought maybe tupac got killed by people he has wronged in the past like when he beat up the directors of poetic justice and how he wronged faith lying about sleeping with her and causing big to questioned her and than their was that rape charges and than there was some people he beat up be maybe that’s just a cover up to hide the fact the suge is involved in the killing of 2pac.

  4. As an old lady, I don’t know Tupac’s music, just the name. I became interested after viewing Biggie’s movie, Pac’s movie, and a dvd of former bodyguards that were not questioned about the murder of Pac. Here is a list of things that makes me believe the murderer is known.

    1. Suge had people with badges working for him. The supposedly “charge man” is an ex policeman, and his Father was still one but in higher rank.

    2. All bodyguards were told by charge man, NOT to have any weapons on them that night of the killing.

    3. One bodyguard refuse to part with his weapon, and was taken off guarding Pac.

    4. Tupac was starting his own label. This would have been trouble for his present label in money department.

    5. The night of the fight a gang member from Calif. was beaten by Pac’s people. Suge was really into the beatdown of this man. If the beaten man was angry, why did he choose to pull up to the side Pac was sitting and not the driver who could have lost control of the car and possibly kill them both.

    6. Why policemen did not quickly order a search plane and roadblock for the killer’s white caddy.

    7. Why were Pac’s master tapes found in a storage in another state.

    8. The bodyguard taken off the case heard over suge’s employees radio, “It’s Done”, after the shooting. Later hearing, “don’t say anything over the radio. THis is from a bodyguard who admits he did not really like Pac.

    9. Why did Suge not put up a reward for the arrest of the one who did the shooting. A man who made lots of money for Suge’s company was injured and later died. Why would Suge not want the killer found because his life could have been taken as well.

    9.The driver for Pac, Suge should have been shocked, but instead of going to nearest hospital, instead makes a u-turn.

    10. Apparent Pac’s car was blocked on all sides with other cars.

    11. Suge was sent to prison for the beating of the game member and turns his business over the “charge man”, the SAME one who told guards NOT to have a weapon during their stay in Las Vegas.

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