Ludacris top 5 lyricist?

In a recent interview with Ludacris expressed his feelings on being an underrated emcee.

“As far as lyricism is concerned, I do feel like I’m a little underrated,” Luda stated. “I think that this album is out to prove exactly that point. I feel like that there are certain places in the top 5 or the top 10 that I need to be.”

A few things came to mind when I first read this. For one I’d never considered Luda to be one of those artists that was lyrically someone to check for like that. You have some rappers that are fan favourites and then some that are rapper’s rappers i.e that other emcees look up to and respect highly. For instance while he may not have many records “poppin in the streets” or in the clubs right now Rakim is still held as one of the greatest emcees ever because of the amount of emcees that look up to him or in some case try to imitate. Raekwon & Ghostface are also prime examples.

So it kind of surprised that Luda would think of himself in that way. I suppose the competative nature of mc’ing causes people to ask who is the best all the time and in today’s hip hop climate it is sometimes hard to know what criteria to fully focus on. Is it how many records they have sold or how influential they have been in the grand sceme of things or is it simply a case of who’s hot right now.

I hate to be the one to tell him but in my opinion if I was going by lyrical skills then Ludacris would struggle to make it into a top 20 let alone 10 or even 5. Here’s a list of the rappers I consider to be the best lyricists in the game right now (in no particular order).

Styles P
Lil Wayne
Sean Price
Royce da 5-9
Joe Budden
Dead Prez
Immortal Technique
Joell Ortiz
Talib Kweli
Beanie Sigel
Busta Rhymes
Killah Priest
The Game
Phonte from Little Brother
Planet Asia

I could go on but thats 25 emcees that for me are head and shoulders above a rapper like Luda. At best Luda is a good party emcee but anything past that for me is stretching it a little bit. Lil Wayne has alot of party records right now but when you hear him on a mixtape or a track with a concept behind it (check Dr Carter) he’s wordplay and ideas are fresh and original whereas with Luda alot of his punchlines have been done before and done better for that matter.

I like the fact that Luda has clearly come to decision to be more lyrical and thought prevoking with his new LP but it has come about 5 albums to late. If he wanted to be considered one of the best then he should’ve really been that guy out the gate I think it’s too late in his career to suddenly talk about being considered top 5.

Luda while you were out making shit for the clubs and radio others were getting their rap on and perfecting their craft so before we start dishing out props you need to peep how many emcees there are out there who are a true representation of a real lyricist go look em up.

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